Estherian Enclave

Path of the Honored Dead 3-4

Corrupted Crypt 4-5(Fallen Guardian)

The Temple Steppes 6-8

Bone Gallery 8-10(Mordrox)
Plunder Cove 8-11(One Eyed Willy)
Wellspring Temple 10-12(General Grell)

Crows Pass 12-13

Widows Veil 13-14(Winter Widow)

The Frosted Hills 14-16

Emberscratch Mines 16-17(King Pogg)
Slavers' Stockade 16-18(Kidrik the Mauler)
Icedeep Caverns 16-18(Chillhoof)
Whispering Cave - (-)
Watchweald Temple 18-20 (Grand Regent Eldrayn)


Imperial Camp

The Minehead

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