I honestly<a href="http://ydsqkob.com"> tghhout</a> that was a strange design decision in 4e: To have all these rules for light and concealment, but then hand out something like sunrods as part of the standard adventurer's kit at first level. I think it also slightly hurts races who have low-light vision, as that ability becomes moot when you can light up a whole dungeon. The rules might as well have said, Players should not concern themselves with light sources and assume everything is lit with daylight and dungeons always have lit torches every 5 feet I also bristled a bit at something like a sunrod being part of an adventurer's pack, simply because it is a magical item and I guess I don't like to think of magic items being common enough that everybody has one (even though it's D&D and every third monster and treasure horde bears some magical bauble or such).

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